Evacuation zones sharply expanded in Siskiyou County

REDDING, Calif. — The Civil Authorities have issued an Immediate Evacuation for Siskiyou beginning at 4:58 pm and ending at 8:58 pm . Evacuation Orders have been issued for Siskiyou County Zones 2218, 5102-B.

The current evacuation orders and warnings are as follows.

EVACUATION ORDERS: SIS-3710, SIS-3713, SIS-5111-A, SIS-5117-B, SIS-5108, SIS-5209, SIS-5304, SIS-5307 SIS-5316, SIS-5224, SIS-5423, SIS-5503, WED-5417, WED-5506, WED-5408, WED-5420, LST-5215, LST-5218, LST-5114, LST-5221, SIS-2218, SIS-5102-B, SIS-5203.

EVACUATION WARNINGS FOR ZONES: SIS-2337, SIS-2334, SIS-2331, SIS-215, SIS-2126, SIS-3704, SIS-3707, SIS-5102-A, SIS-3710, SIS-3713, SIS-3716, SIS-5111-B, SIS-5117-A, SIS-5120, SIS-5404, SIS-5503, SIS-5423, WED-5411, WED-5414, WED-5506, WED-5509


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