Rices fire at c. 750 acres, showing extreme behavior

BRIDGEPORT — A wildfire that erupted in Northern California forced evacuations as it threatened about 500 homes and other buildings Tuesday, authorities said.

The Rices Fire erupted at around 2 p.m. near the Yuba River in Nevada County and had spread to more than 500 acres (202 hectares) by nightfall, said Unit Chief Brian Estes of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.

The flames also threatened power lines, water delivery systems and a state park, Estes said.

The rural area is in the Sierra Nevada, northeast of Sacramento and about halfway between the state Capitol and the Nevada border.

Authorities earlier said the fire began with a burning building and the flames spread to nearby dry vegetation.

Rice Fire (Nevada County) threatening to be major incident

#RicesFire/#RiceFire (Nevada Co) – Multiple spot fires out in front. Significant expansion of evac warnings & orders. Evacuation point is Madelyn Helling Library @ 980 Helling Way in Nevada City. Nevada Co fairgrounds for animals/livestock.

Zonehaven link: https://community.zonehaven.com/?latlon=39.33667591967824,-121.11180061061168&z=11.21385733808859

Reminder: fireworks banned in Siskiyou County

Siskiyou County

HELP PREVENT WILDFIRES: Effective June 14, 2022, the County of Siskiyou has adopted a ban on personal fireworks within unincorporated areas of #SiskiyouCounty due to increased fire potential during the months of July and August.

This includes the individual purchase, display, possession, selling, or use of fireworks. The 4th of July Firework display will still take place at Lake Siskiyou Monday, July 4, 2022.

CAL FIRE Siskiyou UnitSiskiyou County Office of Emergency ServicesSiskiyou County Sheriff’s OfficeSiskiyou Outdoor Recreation Alliance

Update on Ridge Fire

There are three spot fires, currently at 25 acres. Moderate rate of spread, now engaged by CalFire units. Scanner reports claim an accelerant (ie, a can of lighter fluid) was found near the first blaze. No structures are threatened, and no evacuation advisories have been issued.

Also, there are images of smoke on the east side of the city on the Mountain itself, below Whitney. No information at this time.

Be Pet Prepared!

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Fire season is upon California. It will be present here in the north state in a large way before we know it. An abundance of grass with the spring weather we are exiting will set the stage for easily ignitable fuels and rapid fire growth as hot and dry weather of summer set in.

Last week’s focus was on evacuating ourselves, family and neighbors. But many of us also have pets and animals that we consider family members. They depend on us for their safety and well-being. This would include making appropriate preparations for them in the event of an emergency. Our friends at the Rescue Ranch have developed some great guidelines for preparing to evacuate our pets. This will also provide peace of mind during an emergency knowing that our pets are ready to be safely evacuated.

Please get yourself and your family ready for an emergency. Have a fire safe week.

CAL FIRE’s tips for evacuating livestock and pets: https://www.readyforwildfire.org/…/animal-evacuation/

Rescue Ranch: https://rrdog.org/

The “Go” brochure: https://www.readyforwildfire.org/…/calfire_go_brochure…

En Español: https://www.readyforwildfire.org/…/calfire_go_es…

For other Disaster and Emergency Information:

211 Disaster/Emergency Info: https://211norcal.org/siskiyou/

Home evacuation checklist

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When it is time to evacuate your home because of a looming emergency, being prepared can remove a significant amount of stress. You will know what to do, you will know where to go, you will know how to get there, you will have the things you need to live for a while and, above all, you will know how to keep yourself and your family safe. You can even know how to help your neighbor! Too many disasters in other parts of the State have had less than positive results. Please don’t let that happen to you.

Do you live with someone that will require more time or special attention? Way too often, seniors, people living with disabilities, those that struggle with understanding English, and other vulnerable populations are the people with the most difficult time evacuating during a disaster. Please visit the site immediately below for considerations for a host of considerations for vulnerable citizens and things that can be done ahead of time and at the time of an evacuation.

Please get yourself and your family ready for an emergency. Have a fire safe week.

Siskiyou County OES Community Readiness: https://www.co.siskiyou.ca.us/…/page/community-readiness

Evacuation Plan Checklist: https://www.readyforwildfire.org/…/pre-evacuation…/

Emergency Supply Kit: https://www.readyforwildfire.org/…/emergency-supply-kit/

The “Go” brochure: https://www.readyforwildfire.org/…/calfire_go_brochure…

En español: https://www.readyforwildfire.org/…/calfire_go_es…

For other Disaster and Emergency Information:

211 Disaster/Emergency Info: https://211norcal.org/siskiyou/