Shasta-Trinity National Forest to Implement Prescribed Burn near Mt Shasta

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Shasta-Trinity National Forest to Implement

Prescribed Burn near Mt Shasta

Redding, CA, April 28, 2023 — The Mt Shasta-McCloud Management Unit (SMMU) of the Shasta Trinity National Forest, is planning to begin implementation of the McBride Vegetation Project. Implementation is scheduled to occur Sunday, possibly extending into early next week, when weather conditions, vegetation moisture, and on-site conditions are favorable to use prescribed fire across about 100 acres to achieve project objectives.

The prescribed burn units are one-mile west of McBride Springs Campground, just south of the Everitt Memorial Hwy. Please use caution when traveling along Everitt Memorial Hwy. Wildland fire engines, vehicles, and fire personnel may be working on and adjacent to the roadway.

The project’s goals are to reduce dead and downed limbs, logs, litter, and duff, commonly referred to as surface fuels. Using prescribed fire to reduce these surface fuels will contribute to reducing fuel loading, reducing future fire intensity in the event of a wildfire, aiding nutrient recycling (nitrogen), improving wildlife habitat, and overall supporting a healthy forest ecosystem.

It is anticipated that smoke will be visible from Mount Shasta City, Weed, along Interstate 5 near Mount Shasta, and McCloud. The impact of smoke on communities is taken into careful consideration and prescribed fire managers will be working closely with officials from the local county Air Resource Board of Siskiyou County to ensure the prescribed burn is not initiated unless it meets smoke dispersal standards.

Fire is a natural component of a healthy forest. Historically low-intensity fires would have normally occurred every 5-10 years in Northeastern California. Low-intensity fires are those fires that have low flame lengths and consume the woody material on the forest floor along low-lying shrubs. Prescribed fire managers try to mimic these low-intensity fires to reduce hazardous downed materials and help the forest renew the growth cycle. Often one can see new grass sprouts shooting up from the soil weeks after a low-intensity prescribed burn in the area. These new grasses draw foraging animals like deer back into the area. The animals will continue returning to the area as new shrubs resprout in later months.


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Spring Festivities Celebrate Birds, Wildflowers

Forest Service News ReleasePublic Affairs Officer: Kimberly DeVall(530)
Spring Festivities Celebrate Birds, Wildflowers
Yreka, Calif., April 26, 2023— In celebration of World Migratory Bird Day, and Celebrating Wildflowers, the Klamath National Forest and local organizations are planning to host two special events.

Both events will provide opportunities for visitors to enjoy the outdoors and learn about local flora and fauna.World Migratory Bird Day Field Trip May 13th, 2023

The World Migratory Bird Day Field Trip will take place on Saturday, May 13th at the Upper Greenhorn Park parking lot at 8:00 a.m. This free, half-day field trip will be led by local biologists and birding experts including Bob Claypole, author of Klamath River Birdfinder. It is open to all levels of bird watchers and nature enthusiasts who are interested in learning about the amazing world of songbirds.

Please dress warmly and bring binoculars, spotting scopes, field guides, drinking water, and a lunch. For more details contact 530-340-3393.

World Migratory Bird Day is an annual celebration of migratory birds and their amazing journey throughout the Americas. This day is targeted to inspire the conservation and appreciation of birds and their habitats. 

For more information on World Migratory Bird Day visit Siskiyou County Wildflower Show May 14th, 2023

The Klamath and Shasta Trinity National Forests along with the Shasta Chapter of the California Native Plant Society are pleased to be hosting the 30th annual Mother’s Day Wildflower show at the Yreka Community Center in Yreka, CA. 

The show is free and open to the public from 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. on Sunday, May 14th. It will feature a large presentation of beautiful, native wildflowers with their scientific and common names on display. This is a wonderful educational opportunity and a delight for the senses.

Please note that the venue has shifted from the fairgrounds to the Yreka Community Center this year to facilitate a larger, indoor show.

The Wildflower Show will also include the 12th annual wildflower photo contest. The photo contest will be held online at and is open for voting May 5th-12th. Live native plants will be awarded for first, second, and third place finishes in the photo contest.

Jay Perkins of Yreka FSC: The Ember Resistant Zone

The Ember Resistant Zone. We are reinforcing a concept that is critical to homes and structures that have survived wildfires: Zone 0: The Ember Resistant Zone, or the first 5 feet from your home or structures. Pay special attention to the 5 feet immediately around your home. This area should be designed and maintained to keep fire or embers from igniting materials and spreading fire to your home. Ensure yard debris and dead plant material does not accumulate in this zone. No vegetation is recommended within 5 feet of any structure. No landscape mulch or wood chips. Use clear soil, rocks, gravel or concrete. No Trees.…/Prepare/Landscaping/DefensibleSpace/i

Rain Rock Casino Proudly Presents 1st Annual Wormburner Golf Tournament

Rain Rock Casino Proudly Presents 1st Annual Wormburner
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The Fire Safe Council of Siskiyou County works closely with Federal, State, and Non-profit organizations to provide several programs for local residents including: creating defensible space, home hardening, and creating fire wise communities to combat the California insurance crisis.

In support of their efforts Rain Rock Casino has partnered with Redding Rancheria Environmental Vegetation Management Co. in a tribal collaboration to host a our very first:
Date: Friday, June 2nd, 2023 Time: 10am-6PM
Location: Lake Shastina Golf Course
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What’s in it for you?  For as little as $300, you can expect a day filled not only with Great Golf, Friends, Food & Fun, but also one of Community and Purpose!
It is our hope that the funds raised for the Fire Safe Council of Siskiyou County will help to provide the preventative care so desperately needed to preserve our beautiful homeland. It all begins with YOU!

Thank you and we are looking forward to this amazing event!

C.J. Bouche
Public Relations & Social Media
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Fire Safe Council of Siskiyou County Zoom meeting April 12 2023

Link to April 12th FSCSC Zoom meeting:

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California Post-Fire Forest Resilience Workshop in Siskiyou
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Fire Safe Council Zoom meeting April 12th 2023

From the topics discussed, here are a variety of important links:

California Post-Fire Forest Resilience Workshop in Siskiyou
Here is their contact form:

Wildfire Prevention Grants

Strategic Fire Plan for California

Wildfire Detection and Early Warning