August 22, 2018

Fire Safe Councils

Fire Safe Councils

FIRE SAFE COUNCIL OF SISKIYOU COUNTY is a non-profit sponsor and resource for local fire safe councils and helps to facilitate areas that do not currently have a fire safe council. Meetings and resources are open and available to all interested in fire safe endeavors.

Richard Van de Water, 530-468-1214,

John McPhee, 530-938-2789,

Larry Alexander, 530-468-2888,

Larry Alexander, 530-468-2888,

Ginetta Clark, 530-496-3327,

Siskiyou RCD, 530-467-3975,

George Jennings, 530-468-2888,

Lower Scott River Road Fire Safe Council

Perry Daniels, 530-468-5233,

Mt. Shasta Area Fire Safe Council

Dale and Giselle Nova, 530-926-2089,

Salmon River Fire Safe Council

Kathy Mc Broom, 530-462-4665

Patrick Ayres, 530-496-3201,,

George Jennings, 530-468-2888,

Black Mt. Fire Safe Council

Ann Noel, KRCE POA, 530-475-3744,

Butte Valley Fire Safe Council

Cathy Derby, 530-398-4750,

Copco/Bogus Fire Safe Council

Linda Oliver, 530-459-5623,

Dunsmuir Fire Safe Council

Mari Shanta,

Greater Weed Area Fire Safe Council

Kelly Conner, 530-938-2886,

Happy Camp Fire Safe Council

Carol Sharp, 530-493-5312

Juniper Flats Fire Safe Council

Margie King, 530-938-0350,

Klamath River Fire Safe Council

Yvonne Wray, 530-465-2411,

McCloud Fire Safe Council

Ron Berryman, 530-964-2103,

Orleans/Somes Bar Fire Safe Council

Will Harling, 530-627-3202,

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