Fires status Sept. 8 AM

ANTELOPE INCIDENT Acres Burned: 73,558 Percent Contained: 83%D Current as of 9/7/2021, 5:04 PM Driven by hot dry winds, fire is moving rapidly toward Lava Beds National Monument

MCCASH INCIDENT Acres Burned: 59,049 Percent Contained: 15% Current as of 9/7/2021, 5:45 PM Fire is burning toward the east, toward the Cascade Range

HAYPRESS INCIDENT Acres Burned: 86,492 Percent Contained: 0% Current as of 9/7/2021, 7:11 AM Coffee Creek, Carville and Trinity Center are in the path.

MONUMENT INCIDENT Acres Burned: 185,919 Percent Contained: 42% Current as of 9/7/2021, 5:14 PM Hayfork is at risk at the fire flares to the south and east.

DIXIE INCIDENT Acres Burned: 922,192 Percent Contained: 59%Current as of 9/8/2021, 6:27 AM Fire is expanding into Lassen National Park on the north side and into Honey Valley on the south. Susanville needs to be alert to possible wind shifts.

CALDOR INCIDENT Acres Burned: 217,569 Percent Contained: 50% Current as of 9/8/2021, 5:46 AM Winds have generated increased activity on NE and SE flanks, but fire remains within perimeter at this time.

Dry lightning is forecast for Thursday. Stay alert!

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