Lava Fire advances to Military Pass

Richard Earl GoatesMcCloudians-McCloudites

1h  · A challenging day on the ground today for firefighters. The winds appear to have pushed the fire outside the lines on the northeast and east lines in many areas. It appears the fire has made it to the Military Pass road now and has spotted across that also. The Western Line over by Lake Shastina looks really good as does the Majority of the entire Western line. The areas of Concern currently are pretty much the entire Eastern Line. McCloud will probably be smokey for many days as the Salt Fire smoke is coming up the Canyon. Time to break out those Air Purifiers and Air Filters and if you don’t have any, Amazon will bring you one in 2-3 days if needed. The R.H was “Very Low” for most of the day today in the Mt Shasta and Weed areas. Actually lower than Phoneix Arizona if you can believe that! Relative Humidity is increasing towards the evening so that should help some. Stay safe everyone!

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