Lake Shastina considered out of danger

Lake Shastina Fire Dept.

1h  · 7/2/2021 Lava Fire Update.Neighbors,

Current status of the fire is 23,849 acres with 27% containment. The fire continues to actively burn in the Bolum and Whitney Creek areas. Division T which runs parallel to Lake Shastina and posed the largest threat to our community is looking great. I have personally checked on this division multiple times a day and for the last 24 hours I have only seen one tree still smoking. I am confident that this area of the fire does not pose any threat to our community at this time.There have been numerous inquiries about the ribbon or flagging on all of the homes in our community. These were placed there for two separate reasons. The first was during the evacuation process. Most of this ribbon was orange or pink and simply stated that your home had been told to evacuate, and the color of the ribbon did not indicate whether you decided to leave or not. The other ribbon you may see is green. This ribbon was placed by private contractors hired by your insurance company. This green ribbon indicated that your property had been checked and prepped by these insurance companies. The writing on the ribbon indicates which engine number from this private contractor prepped your house. What does prepping mean? These contractors use a variety of tactics to help make your home fire safe. Some of these include removing fire wood from the side of your house, taping up vents to your attic, and pre-treating the home with gel or foam which acts as a fire retardant. The insurance company may have left a brochure or pamphlet on your door or placed a phone call to let you know they are in there. If you have further information about this process I would recommend contacting your insurance company.Finally I would like to explain to our residents that you will most likely see fire and glowing embers at night for many days and possibly weeks. Often times these embers look a lot closer than they actually are. A tree burning 10 miles away may appear to be just a few hundred feet from your home. I want to assure you that fire resources are working 24/7 on this fire and if there is any threat to you or your home they will be on it right away.Chief Pappas

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