George fire has “high growth potential. Scott River take note

New fire on Scott River road with high growth potential. Request to shut down Scott River road and shut off power in area. This is the George Incident

**** Update****

Fire is 15 acres now with upcanyon winds.

Evacuation Warning given for Zone SIS-1236A

Location added to post.


This is for the #GeorgeFire, a new start in the area of Scott River Road.

⚠️ An Evacuation WARNING has been issued for Zone SIS-1236 A which includes the following areas:

NORTH OF Scott River Road

SOUTH OF California Highway 96

EAST OF Scott River Road, Forest Route 46n64

WEST OF Scott River Road

**Residents must be prepared to leave immediately should an Evacuation Order be is issued. Those with livestock or who need more time to evacuate should leave now.


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