Better Fire Services McCloud, CA has a new facebook page!

An idea to create a fire district that can be focused on strategically positioning the Department to be an organization focused on the members and community so that we can all be empowered to successfully accomplish the mission of community safety.

Hello McCloud, this page has been created to communicate on this idea of forming a fire district. I have teamed up with Steve Richardson and a few more to help educate and communicate about this idea. Please feel free to post your thoughts and ideas here. Just please be respectful and focus on the fire district topic. Thanks All


Wildland Fire Assessment Program, Dunsmuir June 27 & 28

Join California Fire Safe Council (CFSC) and the California Climate Action Corps Fellows for comprehensive training on conducting and teaching home assessments. This 2-day training will focus on home hardening and defensible space. After completion of the training, you will receive your WFAP Certificate. This certificate will allow you to conduct home assessments and teach the WFAP course to others.

Sarah Thais | She/Her/Hers

California Climate Action Fellow

@California Fire Safe Council

Daniel Swain predicts mellow June with more showers possible, intensifying fire conditions late summer/early fall

“The good news, following the upcoming short but sharp inland heatwave, is that it appears likely that the West Coast will continue to experience a fairly progressive pattern over the next couple of weeks–with relatively weak pattern persistence, and periodic alternation between ridging and troughing. Although none of these systems appears strong enough to produce widespread wetting rainfall in California (though a few light showers may once again be possible in far NorCal), they will be enough to bring some clouds, wind, and onshore flow across much of the state periodically. Temperatures will oscillate between moderately above and moderately below average over the next couple of weeks, so after this week’s event I don’t see any additional major heat events on the immediate horizon. Hopefully this stretch of relatively quiescent weather will persist longer than that–although all available signs continue to point to a much more active second half of summer/early autumn from a heatwave and fire weather perspective. So enjoy it while it lasts!”