Hayfork Evacuation Order

*** Monument Fire ***NEW Hayfork Fire Evacuation Warning and Order

09/09/2021 at 9:00 am

Effective: Immediately

#1All areas along Hyampom Road from Cedar Gulch to State Route 3 are under an Evacuation Warning. This includes Circle Drive, Highland Drive, North Vista Lane, Murray Lane and Bean Gulch and North Talco Way.

#2All areas south of Hyampom Road along State Route 3 to Salt Creek Growers. All areas West on Tule Creek Road from State Route 3 to Jesse Lane. These areas are now under an Evacuation Warning. #3All areas east of Hyampom Road, both north and south of State Route 3 to Big Creek Road. All areas south of Big Creek Road to Morgan Hill Road/ Coonrod Gulch. From Coonrod Gulch South West through Kingsbury Gulch to State Route 3. This includes all of Hayfork proper

Residents in the area if elderly, have medical issues, have small children, or have livestock and pets, need to be prepared to leave the area in case of increased fire activity.Hyampom Rd and St. John Rd Evacuation OrderEffective: Immediately

All areas along Hyampom Road from Grassy Flat Road west to St. John Road are now under an Evacuation Order. This includes Bar 717 Camp. FS Rd 10/ St. John Road is closed. An alternate route for citizens in Hyampom is FS Rd 60 to Burnt Ranch.All areas south of the intersection of FS Road 10/ St. John Road south to Sydney Lane. From Sydney Lane north east thru FS Road 10/ St. John Road to Oak Ridge. These areas are now under an Evacuation Order.

Residents in the area should leave immediately.While leaving the area use caution, as emergency vehicles assisting with evacuations, structure protection, and fire suppression efforts will be on the roadways.#fireseason2021#monumentfire2021#strongertogether#trinitystrong

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