River complex active to NE overnight

Siskiyou Alerts – Fire and Emergency

Shannon Mahorney  · 15m  · #RiverComplexFire has been very active on NE side. The fire in Carter Meadows area is the backing fire they have initiated. Fire in Saloon Creek and heading toward Fox Creek Lake is not. Too smoky for aircraft still.

RIVER COMPLEX INCIDENT Acres Burned: 121,309.05 Percent Contained: 21% Current as of 9/5/2021, 5:39 PM

ANTELOPE INCIDENT Acres Burned: 71,508 Percent Contained: 83% Current as of 9/5/2021, 5:41 PM Antelope has grown by 3 acres over past 3 days.

DIXIE INCIDENT Acres Burned: 910,495 Percent Contained: 57% Current as of 9/6/2021, 6:08 AM

CALDOR INCIDENT Acres Burned: 216,358 Percent Contained: 44% Current as of 9/6/2021, 6:51 AM

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