Fire update Sept. 1 AM

ANTELOPE INCIDENT Acres Burned: 71,456 Percent Contained: 70% Current as of 8/31/2021, 5:28 PM If the weather holds for a few more days, Antelope will no longer be a significant threat.

RIVER COMPLEX INCIDENT Acres Burned: 106,165.05 Percent Contained: 23%Current as of 8/31/2021, 5:55 PM This fire is responsible for most of the smoke in Siskiyou County.

MONUMENT INCIDENT Acres Burned: 172,292 Percent Contained: 29% Current as of 9/1/2021, 7:52 AM This one will probably burn until the first winter rains.

DIXIE INCIDENT Acres Burned: 844,081 Percent Contained: 52% Current as of 9/1/2021, 5:56 AM Grew by 25,000 acres overnight, mostly to the SE, some to the north.

CALDOR INCIDENT Acres Burned: 204,390 Percent Contained: 20% Current as of 9/1/2021, 6:03 AM Directly threatening South Lake Tahoe, incursions into WUI exist, extent remains unknown.

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