Mandatory evac orders for Medicine Lake area

The Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office issued new evacuation orders for the Antelope Fire Monday including Medicine Lake, Bullseye Lake, and Blanch Lake.

Mandatory evacuation orders:

  • North and east of Military Pass Road from the Pomeroy Rd to Pilgrim Creek Rd,
  • North and West of Pilgrim Creek Rd Military Pass Rd to Harris Springs Rd,
  • North and West of Harris Spring Rd from Pilgrim Creek Rd to Medicine Mountain Rd.
  • North of Medicine Mountain Road between Harris Springs Rd and Medicine Lake Road,
  • West of Medicine Lake Rd from Medicine Mountain Rd and NF-97 Road.
  • North of NF-97 road from Medicine Lake Rd to the Siskiyou Modoc County Line.
  • Siskiyou Modoc County Line from NF-97 to Lava Beds National Monument Road.
  • North of the NF-56 Rd from Medicine Lake Rd to the 43N17 Rd.
  • North of the 43N17 Rd from the NF-56 Rd to 43N12 Rd.
  • Northwest of the 43N12 Rd from the 43N17 Rd to the NF-97 Road. This includes Bullseye Lake and Blanch Lake areas.

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