Update on Monument Fire

#MonumentFire August 14, 2021 Fire Update

79,073 acres burned

5% contained

Last night, firefighters experienced active fire throughout the fire area. Crews worked to hold the fire at respective containment lines. The fire has increased to 79,073 acres and remains 5% contained. Wind gusts from the north proved unfavorable conditions overnight. Crews were unable to safely perform firing operations along the fire’s perimeter, alternately they spent the night holding the primary perimeter and containing any fire growth outside the Burnt Ranch community.

The Fire made upslope runs around Ironside mountain and continues to grow in that area. Firefighters continued to patrol and monitor along the SR-299 corridor, identifying any hot spots and concentrating their efforts on mop-up, eliminating any heat sources that could potentially cause a flare-up. Crews have successfully kept the fire on the western edge of the North Fork of the Trinity River as it continues moving to the north. Overnight, the firefighters were able to hold the contingency lines around Red Hill and Hocker Meadow.

State resources continue to establish two contingency lines paralleling Maple Creek. Heavy equipment operators worked through the night extending containment lines by clearing trees and brush from ridges along the Hayfork Divide, Knowles Gulch and Hayfork Bally. North winds presented challenges for the firefighters as air filled the corridor providing opportunity for the fire to align with the slope, advancing a 2 mile run to the south in the old burn scar. The head of the fire slopped over into the headwaters of the creeks in Hayfork Bally west of the lookout.

Today, firefighters will build on the good work performed by night operation resources. Our top priorities are life safety and providing point protection and defense for the communities and those residences surrounding Burnt Ranch, Junction City, Canyon Creek and Helena. Crews will work throughout the day to improve contingency lines and scout for opportunities for utilizing natural features as fire breaks and constructing additional lines.

Resources will continue to patrol and mop-up west along the power lines to the road, north to Chaparral Mountain down to Burnt Ranch. Additionally, firefighters will monitor the SR-299 corridor for opportunities to extinguish any lingering, burning vegetation in and around the communities within the interior of the burn. Persistent winds and drought-starved fuels will be the driving force for late afternoon alignment for fire runs. Firefighters will remain vigilant in their tactics to hold the fire at the containment lines and aggressively extinguish any spot fires that occur. Air support continues to be hampered by the thick, dense smoke and crews continually assess conditions for the opportunity to fly. For more information, including downloadable maps and updates:Inciweb: https://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/7750/Twitter: @ShastaTrinityNF Facebook: @ShastaTrinityNF Email: 2021.monument@firenet.govFire Information: 530-628-0039(8am-8pm)

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