Update from Jay Perkins at Yreka Fire Safety

https://www.drought.gov/…/drought-status-update…We interrupt our regularly scheduled weekly preparedness messaging to bring you an update on where we stand related to drought. We do this because we feel it is important to underscore the messaging that we are delivering: Are you taking the actions necessary to assure you and your family will be safe this coming fire season?• Have you walked around your home and taken defensive actions to harden your home? Clean your roof? Clean your eaves? Inspected your vents?• Are your Defensible Space actions well underway? No burnable material within the first five feet of your home? Is it lean, green and clean the next 25 feet away from your home? Is the 30-to-100-foot zone mowed with all dead material removed?• Have you invested time into preparing yourself and family for a potential emergency? FIVE EASY STEPS TO BE DISASTER READY: GET ALERTS to know what to do. MAKE A PLAN to protect your people. PACK a GO BAG with things you need. BUILD a STAY BOX for when you can’t leave. HELP friends and neighbors get ready.We believe there is considerable urgency in preparing for what is shaping up to be a significant fire season. CAL FIRE statistics are already pointing to increased activity when compared to last year. We can take actions to minimize the potential impacts on our homes, families, and neighbors. “Are you Ready for Wildfire”!

Note: Bella Vista today became the first of many northern California communities to tell residents, “Reduce water consumption by 20% or risk being fined.” 41 counties in California are now in a state of drought emergency.

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