Community Wildfire Protection Planning

Community Wildfire Protection Planning The Yreka Area Fire Safe Council (YAFSC) is a citizen-based group of volunteers dedicated to working towards making the greater Yreka area fire safe. Thanks to the involvement of these volunteers, the YAFSC has been working on a revision of the Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP).The YAFSC has been undertaking a revision of the 2013 CWPP for the past two years. Thanks to Grants from the RAC (USFS), CAL FIRE and OES/LISTOS we are almost finished. It has been challenging to accomplish all that needed to be accomplished due to limits on meetings and gathering the past 14 months. But we powered through the obstacles. We have a copy of the 240 page draft for review by anyone that wishes to invest the time to review and comment. Please send a note of interest to our email at Comments will be accepted through June 2.The Yreka Area Fire Safe Council, in partnership with your local volunteer fire departments, government agencies and other local non-profits, is motivated to help make the greater Yreka area fire safe. Through education and outreach, fuels reduction activities in the greater Yreka area, and myriad other efforts, we are working towards making the community more aware of the surrounding issues and preparing Yreka for wildfire events. This CWPP will aid in making Yreka more competitive in the grant world and, in turn, help provide funding for the above mentioned activities. Thank you for your interest.

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