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Jay Perkins

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We are wrapping up our journey through Cal Fire’s “Ready for Wildfire” series with this week’s posting….but we will continue to message on Wildfire Readiness and Disaster Preparedness because we believe that it a key to citizen safety and wellbeing: from home hardening and defensible space to Go Bags and evacuation preparedness. Nationally, there are over 4.6 million acres burned from wildfire which is more than double the national 10-year average. There have been over 35,000 fire starts with 32,000 of those being human caused; that’s over 91% of all fires this year have been caused by humans!! We absolutely have to do better than that!!

Yes, we had rain that knocked fire season back, however, fire season is still upon us. We will hit triple digit temperatures by the end of the weekend. We still have most of July, August and September ahead of us; with August and September as our two driest months. Please be careful with fires. It only takes one spark!

Are you ready for wildfire?

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