Red Flag warning Siskiyou County Friday May 14th-Sat. May 15th

Red Flag Warning

National Weather Service Medford OR
222 PM PDT Thu May 13 2021

...Scattered thunderstorms on unseasonably dry fuels Friday
afternoon and evening...

.A low pressure system will bring scattered thunderstorms to the areas
east of the Cascades and over northern California Friday afternoon
and evening. The combination of abundant lightning and fuel
conditions that are two to three weeks ahead of normal dryness will
make for increased threat of new fire starts.

Central Siskiyou County Including Shasta Valley-Shasta-
Trinity National Forest in Siskiyou County-
Siskiyou County from the Cascade Mountains East and South to Mt
Shasta-Modoc County Except for the Surprise Valley-
Klamath Basin and the Fremont-Winema National Forest-
222 PM PDT Thu May 13 2021

284...285 AND 624...

The National Weather Service in Medford has issued a Red Flag
Warning...which is in effect from 2 PM to 11 PM PDT Friday.

* Impacts: Lightning and moderate to high fire danger will likely
  result in new fire starts. Gusty thunderstorm winds could
  contribute to fire spread. Despite rainfall, initial attack
  resources could be overwhelmed and holdover fires are possible.

* Affected area:
  In Northern CA Fire Zones...281...282...284...285 which includes
  most of central and eastern Siskiyou County and the northwest
  portion of Modoc County.
  In South Central OR Fire Zone....624 which includes the majority
  of Klamath County and the western fringes of Lake County.

* Wind: Northwest 5 to 10 mph except erratic wind gusts to 40 mph
  near any thunderstorms.

* Thunderstorms: Isolated to scattered.

* Rainfall: Storms will produce some rainfall, but wetting rains
  are not expected.

* View the hazard area in detail at:

Precautionary/preparedness actions...

A Red Flag Warning means that critical fire weather conditions are
either occurring now, or will shortly. Scattered thunderstorms
combined with dry fuels create conditions where many fire starts
may occur in a short period of time.

Dry Thunderstorms possible in North State Friday PM-Sat AM

THUNDERSTORM OUTLOOK: We’re going to be seeing increased chances for thunderstorms into Friday night and Saturday. We’re going to see a low pressure system move into the Northstate, combined with south winds that are helping to pump in low level moisture and warm surface temperatures to create lift, the likelihood of some convective storms looks good. The main concern is going to be lightning and very little rain associated with these storms.

Jay Perkins on Fire Safe Measures as summer nears.

Here are several fire-resistant landscaping references. You may also do an internet search for other sources of information.…/02/Fire-Resistant-Plants.pdf more information on fire-resistant landscaping:…/fire-resistant…/En espaƱol:…/calfire_ready_es……/Friendly…/Wildfire_Safety_Resources/For other Disaster and Emergency Information:211 Disaster/Emergency Info:…/coronavirus-covid-19…

What is the Energy Release Component?

The Energy Release Component (ERC) is an NFDRS (National Fire Danger Rating System) index related to how hot a fire could burn. It is directly related to the 24-hour, potential worst case, total available energy (BTUs) per unit area (in square feet) within the flaming front at the head of a fire.

The ERC can serve as a good characterization of fire season as it tracks seasonal fire danger trends well. The ERC is a function of the fuel model and live and dead fuel moistures. Fuel loading, woody fuel moistures, and larger fuel moistures all have an influence on the ERC, while the lighter fuels have less influence and wind speed has none. ERC has low variability, and is the best fire danger component for indicating the effects of intermediate to long-term drying on fire behavior (if it is a significant factor) although it is not intended for use as a drought index.